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Xenopede Teaser

Xenopede Teaser Thumbnail

View the Xenopede teaser video on YouTube.

Shadow Mission Demo

Xenopede Shadow Demo

This video demonstrates Xenopede’s Shadow mission type.

Sweep Mission Demo

Xenopede Sweep Demo

This video demonstrates Xenopede’s Sweep mission type.

Blitz Mission Demo

Xenopede Blitz Demo

This video demonstrates Xenopede’s Blitz mission type.

Snare Mission Demo

Xenopede Snare Demo

This video demonstrates Xenopede’s Snare mission type.

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An Introduction to Xenopede

Published on December 23rd, 2009

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Xenopede is a solo side-project developed by me, John Pritchett, under the company name Black Squirrel Studios. I started the project back in 2005 in an effort to expand my skills as a game designer, and to explore all facets of the game creation process. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I was pulled away from the project to work initially on a remake of my first game, TradeWars 2002, and then on Rocketbowl 360 with 21-6 Productions. I quit the former project, but the latter project was completed and released for XBLA in summer of 2008. I have continued to work with 21-6 on unannounced projects, but during the fall of 2009, I found myself with enough time on my hands to take a crack at finishing Xenopede (which was being developed under the working title Waamu, for the three of you who followed the game back in 2005).

I motivated myself with the goal of entering the game into IGF 2010. Though the game did not qualify as a finalist (congrats to the many excellent games that did!), I received positive feedback from the judges, and this has energized me to work toward the goal of releasing the game to the public. As time allows, I will be inviting players to beta-test the game and help me prepare it for release.

Thank you for your interest in my game!

John Pritchett
Black Squirrel Studios

On hold for now!

Published on June 29th, 2010

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Other projects have forced me to set Xenopede aside for now. As soon as time permits, I intend to make another major design pass and prepare it for release. Though the game has served its purpose as a learning experience, I would hate to abandon it before it’s finished.

Looking for playtesters

Published on January 6th, 2010

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Now that IGF 2010 is over, I am ready to address the design issues raised by the judges. Once I finish another design pass, I will be ready to open the game to a limited public beta. If you’d like to be a playtester, please sign up for my mailing list, and/or email me and I’ll hook you up with the demo. Thanks!